MNM offers child account management for underage athletes. If you create an account and it is detected as underage, you will be directed to the parent invitation to manage your account. In this article, the steps are mentioned.


1. Firstly, register and confirm the account. Then, go to the login page and provide your login details to continue. 

2. Complete your profile and click Save and Go to Lobby.

If your account is detected as underage, you will be directed to the parent invitation. If you need to update provided information click Back

3. Enter contact information and click Confirm. If your parent is already an MNM user, they receive an invitation to manage the child account. if not, they receive an invitation to join and manage the child account. Click Yes to continue. 

4. Then, your account is locked until your parent accepts the invitation.

5. The parent should click Accept to complete the process.

If the parent is a new user, then, first of all, they will redirect to Register to create an account with the invited email with parent's name, surname, and gender. Then confirm this account to manage the child's account. 

After that, you can log in and, while in the Lobby, click on the child account icon.


That's all! Now, your account is under the management of the parent.