My Next Match Events feature comes with an integrated ticket scanner. Organisation Admins and Registrars can scan the event attendees' tickets at event entrances directly through the website, using any mobile device or laptop with a web camera.

Organisation Admins and Registrars scan the QR Code on the ticket, verify if the ticket is valid, and provide an option to Check-in the attendees. Once a ticket is scanned, it can never be scanned again after Check-in.

Note: Don't forget, you cannot check in after the start date of the event. 



The ticket scanner requires the following to work:

  1. The device must have a camera/web camera.
  2. Browser permission to Allow Camera.

Check - Free interface icons QR Code scanner automatically prompts to Allow Camera. After allowing the camera, it never prompts it again and works seamlessly.

Idea - Free industry iconsIf the browser does not prompt to Allow Camera (this happens rarely), you need to go to browser settings and manually allow the camera.



Before proceeding to the Ticket scanner, let's see the Ticket PDF. The event system generates tickets in PDF format with a unique QR Code in each.

  • QR Code has a unique Ticket ID + Order number, which belongs to a single customer's ticket.
  • The ticket format is PDF; hence it's compatible by default on all devices.
  • QR Code size on the ticket is increased; hence the scanning is faster, and you don't even need to Zoom in.
  • Organisation Admins | Sub-Organisers | Customers - everyone can download tickets from their Bookings page.


Scan & Check-in 

The scanning and check-in is a very smooth process and works perfectly on IOS, Android, and desktop. 

  • Organisation Admins and Registrars can Scan and check-in the tickets for their own events only.
  • Multi-ticket scans: if, for instance, a ticket has 3 Attendees (3 Qty), then you can scan the ticket up to 3 times (Max Scan = Qty)
  • The Total Scans / Total Quantity will appear on the Customer Bookings and Organisation Bookings pages.
  • If the Booking Status is Disabled or if the Booking Is Paid is set to No, then that ticket won't be scanned and checked-in.


1. Visit the scanner page from Scan Ticket on the header menu.

2. The scanner starts automatically, just bring the ticket QR Code in front of it.


3. If the ticket is valid, you'll see the ticket details, click Verify & Check-in


Congratulations! You've completed the scan process.


Last Update: 20 November 2023