As a federation, you can accredit your members with the MNM qualification service. This article will give you steps to create qualifications easily. 


1. First of all, go to and provide your login details to continue. 

2a. While in the Lobby, click on My Organisations.

2b. Click on the Dashboard of the organisation where you are an admin.

3. Click Qualifications and view defined qualifications.


On this page, you can access the followings: 

A: To add new qualifications

B: The main qualification 

C: A level of the main qualification

From this page, you can add, edit and remove qualifications. Don't forget that you cannot remove a qualification if it is given to any member. 

Progressions to use course events. 

4. To define new qualifications click Add New Qualification

A: Enter a name for the new qualification.

B: It is a key generated automatically.

C: Select a user type to relate to this qualification.

D: Select the identifier level to decide whether this qualification is a parent or sub-level. 

5. If you define a qualification for the first time, you should start with the "main" identifier. When you select main, you will view signature fields. 

6. The member with a qualification certificate is accredited by the organisation. To show this approval in the certificates, the signatures of the organisation officials are added to the qualifications.

To add a signature, firstly, the roles of the signatories in the organisation are elected from the list.

7. Select officials from the list and click Choose File to upload a signature. 

Note: If you have already uploaded a signature for the selected officials, it is available for all qualifications and can be viewed. 

8. Before uploading a signature, you will face a warning about the signature standards. Read it and click Continue

9. Select a file in png format from your device and upload it. You can preview it by clicking the view button. 

10. Select the official's information position in the certificates. You can click info to view default positions. 

Note: The qualification is associated with a maximum of 4 officials. Uploading a signature is not mandatory, but choosing a position for an official's information is mandatory.

11. Then click Create to save the qualifications. Now, you can create sub-levels of qualifications. 

A: The parent of this qualification. 

B: The qualification level or grade like 1,2,3 etc. 

C: The degree, symbolizing it in colour like belt colours. 

D: The amount of time required to graduate from this qualification. 

E: The degree level(s) required to be an examiner for this qualification. 

F: The template for this qualification level certificate. 

Note: Templates are defined to the system by MNM Team and can be variant according to the sports, user and organisation type.

12. Fill all fields, select a template, check the preview and click Create to complete the process. 

That's all! You're ready to give certifications.