As an organisation admin, you can create private events with or without passwords to invite specific people with a unique link and password on MNM Events. These private events are hidden from all pages of the website and can only be viewed via the Event URL. 

How to set a private event 

Organisation admins can set an Event as Private.

1. If you are an organisation admin, then switch to the organisation profile and go to Manage Events.

2. Click Private Event.

3. Check/Uncheck Is Private to switch between private/public events and then set a password to make the private event password-protected.

4. If an event is private, you will see a lock icon next to it.

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  • The system recognises the user who has entered the password for a few hours, during which time that user will not need to input any password to access the private event.

Access Private Event

Let's visit the private event through the Event URL. If the private event has a password, you need to type the password in to view the Event page.

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You need to be an MNM user to visit a private event.