This article deals with managing the ranking and race settings. Then, you will be ready for management

To know more about how to create an event, follow Create Events.

This article deals with Ninja Scoring which calculates attendee score according to obstacle fail/pass status or use manual point entry. For World Obstacle Scoring System, click here.



1. Open the Ranking tab. 

2. Update Ranking status. If Ranking is enabled, results will affect the organisation's ranking. 

  • If your organisation is International Federation, this affects International Ranking. 
  • If your organisation is National Federation, this affects National Ranking. 
  • If your organisation is a club, you will not view this parameter on the settings page. 

3. For the rule set, select: Ninja Scoring System.

4. Fill out the other tabs and proceed to publishing your event.

Now, you are ready for management. Start selling tickets and get attendees.


Race Settings

Check the article to set the wave and course and assign attendees to wave/qualifications.



1. Open the Results page from the event page or Manage Events. 


2. The results page shows attendee detail with their results and division, course, and wave details.

3. Click the Edit button to open the attendee result modal.

3a. Result modal consists of three sections (obstacle: enable on settings)

    • Attendee Details
      • Attendee Name
      • Attendee Division (if it is enabled)
      • Division Wave (if it is enabled)
      • Division Course (if it is enabled)
      • Total Time 
      • Point
      • Rank
      • Result Status
    • Timer Section
    • Obstacle Status Section
    • Obstacle Section

3b. Results modal consists of three sections (obstacle: disable settings)

    • Attendee details
      • Name
      • Division (if it is enabled)
      • Division Wave (if it is enabled)
      • Division Course (if it is enabled)
      • Total Time 
      • Point
      • Rank
      • Result Status
    • Timer Section
    • Manual Point Entry

3. Click Play to start the timer and update the obstacle status. 

Note: In the Obstacle field, the name of the obstacle, the maximum number of attempts, and the next obstacle are presented. If the Obstacle status is failed, the next obstacle will not be active until the obstacle's maximum number of attempts is reached or the pass/halfway is selected.

4. When the course is completed, click the Finish button, update the attendee status and click Save Results

Note: If there is a course time limit and attendees pass this limit, the status is assigned as Failed automatically. 

5. After completion, you as an event admin can update the result status, time result, and obstacle attempts (if it is enabled). Or you can reset all records and start the course again via Restart. 


5a. Click Edit to update the time result. 

5b. Click the Edit button next to the time result of the obstacle.

Then you can add or remove its attempts.

Reminder Icon - Download in Colored Outline Style Reminder

Don't forget, you need to save the result status again after updating obstacle attempts or time results. 

6. After the attendee completes the course and the results are saved, then click the next.  


That's all!