There are hundreds of organisations in My Next Match and clubs are one of them. To join a club, you need to get approval from one of the club admins. This article shows the steps you have to follow to join a club.



1. Go to and provide your login details to continue. 

2. While in the Lobby, click on Join A Club.


3. On the Join a Club page, you'll need to select your preferred account from the "Select Account to Join Club" dropdown. 

The dropdown displays your account and any child accounts that you have created.


4. Select the appropriate sport for the event you want to participate in (OCR for OCR events; Ninja for Ninja events).


5. Select the country and choose one of the clubs listed according to your choice.


6. Select the role you want to join the club. Available roles: Athlete, Coach, Officials.


7. In the last step you will see a summary of all your selections. Check and confirm if your information is correct.


8. Once the club has approved your application, you will become a member. 

  • You can see membership details on the lobby page in My Memberships.


Last Update: 14/02/2024