Customers, Organisation Admins & Sub-organisers - basically everyone can manage cancellations from their respective Bookings pages. Customers can request for booking cancellation and then Organisation Admins & Sub-organisers can proceed further with that cancellation request.

Organisation Admins & Sub-organisers can decide whether to provide a refund to the customers, after which they can update the cancellation status so that the customer can track the cancellation status from their Bookings page.


Cancellation for Customers


To submit a cancellation request, customer from their Bookings page:

1. Click on Cancel a booking row and approve the cancellation. 

Important note: Once the cancellation request is sent, there is no going back. That's why, upon clicking on "Cancel", you will get prompted to confirm sending a cancellation request. 

2. The booking status will be updated (Pending | Approved | Refunded) when an Organiser or an Admin updates the cancellation request.



Reminder Icon - Download in Colored Outline Style Reminders

  • Once the cancellation request is submitted and the cancellation status updated, it can never be re-submitted again.
  • Customers can only submit a cancellation request before the Pre Cancellation Time defined by System Admin. 
  • After the check-in is completed, the customer can't submit a cancellation request.
  • The status shows if the booking is Enabled or Disabled.
  • After refunding the booking amount, the booking status becomes Disabled and the customer won't be able to:
    • Download their Ticket
    • Access Online Event Secret Details
    • Check-in through ticket scanner


Cancellations for Organisation Admins & Sub-organisers 


Via the Bookings page, the Organisation Admins & Sub-organisers can manage and update cancellation requests.

1. Click on Edit on a booking row.

2. In the edit modal, the organiser can update:

    • Cancellation status to No Cancellation | Pending Approved Refunded
    • Booking status to Enabled Disabled
    • Booking Paid to Yes No
    • Division

3. After refunding the booking amount, update the booking Status to Disabled.

4. And then the Booking will become Invalid and invisible everywhere.


Reminder Icon - Download in Colored Outline StyleAbout Cancellation Status 

Cancellation Status is for tracking purposes only; it doesn't have an actual functionality behind it. On the other hand, the Booking Status does have a functionality, as it enables or disables the booking in question.

Cancellation Status only gives information about the refund process, as in, you can let your customers track their cancellation & refund process in real-time.

After making a refund and updating the cancellation status, you must change the Booking Status to Disabled to disable a booking and make it invalid so that the customer cannot enter or access the event.

  • No Cancellation - the booking status is active and the ticket is valid.
  • Pending - the customer has requested a cancellation, but the customer's ticket is still valid.
  • Approved - the cancellation request has been approved and a refund is under progress, and the customer ticket has become invalid.
  • Refunded - the cancellation request has been approved and the ticket amount is refunded to the customer, and the ticket has become invalid.