Here's how you can manage your MNM Event bookings, that you have purchased before:


1. Go to and provide your login details to continue. 

2. While in the Lobby, click the Event Finder


3. Make sure your role is in my account by looking at the dropdown in the top right.


4. Click My Bookings


5. On this page, you can do many things about your bookings; 

  • Check if any document and equipment actions are required.
  • Download the ticket for each participant,
  • Download the invoice for the booking,
  • View your check-in QR code,
  • Add the event details to your calendar, 
  • Edit the division or organisation (if it is available for the event) you applied for,
  • Cancel your booking up until the end of the cancellation period. (View Cancellation & Refund article)


With these steps, you can effectively manage your event bookings at MNM Event.


Last Update: 20 November 2023