Event Management



Event Management

As an organisation admin, you can create single- & multiple-day events for your organisations in MNM Event. You can also create online and repetitive events or clone an existing one. 

Ranking & Scoring & Results Management

(For Race Events)

These settings consist of two sections. Firstly, you need to select divisions for the event and set ranking & scoring parameters. Then, you will be ready for management. 

All users can view results after the event. 

Earning Management

The Manage Earning page is to track your commission expenses and earnings month by month and transfer status of your earnings.

Tag Management

Tags can be Sponsors, speakers, hosts, guests, VIPs, or anything you want. You can create any number and type of them. Each tag belongs to an organisation admin and to their events. Basically, organisation admins can add tags, and link them to their events.

Scanner Management

As an organisation admin, you can create Scanners for your organisation to manage check-ins. 

Scan & Check-in

My Next Match Events comes with an integrated ticket scanner. Organisation Admins, Sub-Organisers and Scanners can scan the event attendees' tickets at event entrances directly from the website, using any mobile device or laptop with a web camera.

Organisation Admins, Sub-Organisers and Scanners scan QR Code on the ticket, verify if the ticket is valid, and provide an option to Check-in the attendees. Once a ticket is scanned, it can never be scanned again after Check-in.

Booking Tickets 

Customers can book tickets for themselves, their children or someone else and also update the details of these bookings.

Booking Management

Organisers can see all of their event bookings on the Manage Bookings page. 

Customers, Organisation Admins & Sub-organisers, — all of them can manage cancellations from their respective Bookings pages. Customers can request for booking cancellation and then Organisation Admins & Sub-organisers can proceed further with that cancellation request.

Organisation Admins & Sub-organisers can decide whether to provide a refund to the customers and, afterwards, they can update the cancellation status so that the customer can track the cancellation status from their Bookings page.